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Every day IOCCO’s Know-How is addressed to the customers needs.
Customers represent the confirmation on his excellent quality and reliability.


We operate in the design, construction, assembly and installation of  machines and plants to process in various production sectors, including: Automotive, Iron & Steel, Glass and Appliance, motorcycle, furnishing, pharmaceutical, paper mill, food & bricks industries, paying the most attention to efficiency and high-tech to meet the targets expected by the applicant.

The services cover all steps of the project starting from the feasibility study  up to the realization, testing and commissioning at the production plants.

The skills gained operating on international markets, enabled us to be constantly confronted with growing competition and extreme pressure on times and costs.

Our goal is to supply customers according to their technological  support (process) and with our technical experience to define solutions in line with the expectations of the reference markets.

Feedback from our technicians involved in the installation and after-sales support phases is the key to analyze the job done.

This flow of information, constructively discussed and analyzed, allows the development of ever more performing machines and systems, continuously improving both the quality target, the flow rate, the operator safety as well as the construction costs.


Competence, quality and confidentiality;

all the basics to compete

Experienced workers are the guarantee of result, moreover we employ external professionalism and processes according to needs and specific cases.

This corporate strategy, which has been widely used currently, has led to a significant reduction in fixed costs and greater efficiency, guaranteeing in addition to product and service quality, a good level of competitiveness on international markets.

A further competitive advantage is represented by the possibility of being able to draw on increasingly high-performance technologies for the production of parts.

All external professionals are properly informed and trained in order to operate within our processes, particular attention is paid to compliance with all standards, always formalized and signed, in terms of development and  confidentiality above all.


Equipment and lines in accordance with customers’ requests.

From feacebility study to after sales support.

We propose ourselves as PARTNER to be a support from the first feasibility study phase, up to the realization of innovative machines and lines for industrial productions, providing the following services:

  • Feasibility studies

We propose our services from the preliminary study phase; our technicians, coordinated by the Project Managers, collaborate with the technologists of the client companies and developing solutions in line with their final expectations.

  • Engineering

Customers have evaluated our Engineering development in terms of design and project management as our strength skills. The engineering dept. is mainly composed of senior designers with more than 10 years of experience, while junior designers are employed for the development part only. A technical manager (RTE) coordinates the activities of the project managers (PM).

  • Process simulation

The validation phase of the project is fundamental.
Thanks to the used technologies, and where requested by customers, this phase is satisfied by using virtualized simulation software, supported and simplified by Process FMEA.

  • Software

-Vision, Robot, Plc, Hmi & Scada

Our technicians draw up the operating cycle of each single machine together with mechanical designers and customer processors.
They proceed with the process management software by applying the industry 4.0 philosophy on PLC, Robot, Vision, man / machine interface systems (HMI) and PC based systems.

  • Construction, assembly and preliminary installation 

Special attention is paid to the construction and the consequent prelimianry in house assembly.
Also the maintenance of the individual parts is taken care since the engineering phase.
The knowledge of latest production technologies is fundamental, every single detail is made with innovative machineries.
This allows to contain costs and increase the quality target.
The assembly is performed by validating every single detail preliminarely.

  • Installation, Commissioning, Training and After sales support

Installation, commissioning and training complete our offer.
The first fundamental goal for a successful project is to transfer management capacity and autonomy to client’s technicians, as well as guaranteeing simple traceability and availability of materials, and last but not least responsiveness to provide the right support as soon as required.

Automation & Engineering Projects Integration and interaction between systems, the basis for industry 4.0

Automation & Engineering Projects

Integration and interaction between systems, the basis for industry 4.0

A good process control is the basis of competitiveness, both based on product quality and production capacity.
Fundamental is the understanding and managing the progress of the process data from the field.
Our TEAM has developed the ability to select and process only its own data with the continuous implementation of a structural software standard that includes all the installed devices.
Particular attention is paid to continuous information and training on the new systems offered by the market both in terms of sensors and actuators and PLC, Robot, Vision, human / machine interface (HMI) and PC-based systems.
The strength of IOCCO is the ability to integrate complex systems.


Reliability, quickness and results, are our strengths

Attention to the customer, quality, reliability and constant updating of skills have allowed us to retain important multinational customers.

The level of confidence increased over time toward us, in addition to constant reliability, allow us today to be involved in the assessments of important projects worldwide.

The construction in Europe of the first automotive glass production plant with Smart Factory solution involved our team as developers of the feasibility study and then as supplier of most of the processes.

Mentioned plant has over 20 anthropomorphic robots installed with the same amount of artificial vision systems, as well as various machinery for specific processes.



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IOCCO is a KUKA official system partner






  • Engineering Consulting
  • Feasibility Study
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Automation Design
  • Machine Construction
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Electrical Systems
  • Software Development
  • Installation and Training
  • Manuals and Technical Documentation
  • Certification in compliance with the European Laws
  • Support, After-sale Service and Spare Parts


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