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Every day IOCCO’s Know-How is addressed to the customers needs.
IOCCO drives state of art technology

The mission to deliver the best solution to the Customers starts from collecting its needs, then designing machines and successfully performing implementations.

The entire IOCCO team is used to accept the most demanding challenges for turning them in the most efficient solutions for both costs and performances.

Thanks to his pluriannual experience in the advanced general industry and his expert engineers and specialists, the range of solutions offered by IOCCO is very large and covers all Customer’s needs, from the simplest machinery to the most complex production lines for glass, steel and alloy, automotive, motorcycle, furnishing, pharmaceutical, paper mill, food industry  and bricks sectors.


Industrial automation

We operate in the design, construction, assembly and installation of machines and plants to process in various production sectors, paying the most attention to efficiency and high-tech to meet the targets expected by the applicant…read more


Automotive Glass

Our Company benefits from highly competent glazing technology and managing expertise to meet our Customers’ expectations. Iocco is able to offer integrated turkey solutions for AUTOMOTIVE GLASS…read more


Architectural & appliance glass

Processing lines & machines for ARCHITECTURAL & APPLIANCE GLASS. The use of glass in architecture has broadened over the last years, as well as the requirements in glass processing, quality features…read more

equipment for camera float iocco srl

Float bath furnaces

Iocco designs and supplies equipment fully integrated on Float bath furnaces process in the cold area with maintenance cold repair and machine construction.Expertise, competitiveness and applied technology guarantee the reliability of our installations…read more


Float warehouse 

IOCCO has recently developed an innovative automatic system to storage and manage glass packs, increasing warehousing yield, minimizing risks  of injuries for operators and decreasing warehousing costs consequently…read more



offers equipment worldwide to assembly photovoltaic modules by the  reverse engineering of systems, ensuring outstanding production and quality efficiency. The philosophy of engineering development is  represented by the scalability…read more

engineering development

IOCCO Engineering development software  solidworks_iocco autodesk-inventor-iocco

selected brand

brand selected by IOCCO

IOCCO is a KUKA official system partner





  • Engineering Consulting
  • Feasibility Study
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Automation Design
  • Machine Construction
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Electrical Systems
  • Software Development
  • Installation and Training
  • Manuals and Technical Documentation
  • Certification in compliance with the European Laws
  • Support, After-sale Service and Spare Parts


  • Further increases its capability

    Further increases its capability


    The new production unit composed by three spans, is optimized to realize up to three de-Airing Bag Furnaces simultaneously. The new plant, located in front of the other plant in [...]

  • A significant step forward in de-airing technology

    A significant step forward in de-airing technology


    The first de-airing system in the world, able to process Windshields, Sidelights glass and Sunroofs produced with ULTRA-THIN glass and multilayers, as PVB-PDLC-SPD-XIR Flexible productions, which allow model changes without [...]

  • Happy Easter

    Happy Easter


    Wishing you a very Happy Easter that is filled with plenty of happiness and hope. IOCCO Team [...]

  • Virtual Commissioning

    Virtual Commissioning


    IOCCO & Virtual Commissioning Virtual commissioning is a fundamental tool for sharing and analyzing systems before their implementation. Virtual commissioning provides a solution for moving a significant portion of commissioning [...]

  • Wishes for happy moments

    Wishes for happy moments


    We are crossing times of global changes, growing networking and new challenges are concerning the whole world. Intelligent automation solutions, driven by innovation, are our passion. Our goal is to [...]

  • IOCCO a constant Official System Partner of KUKA robotics

    IOCCO a constant Official System Partner of KUKA robotics


    Kuka industrial robots to deliver formally the award to their Official Sistem Partner 2020. IOCCO received once again the confirmation for a constant and excellent job oriented to the future [...]

  • New devices used by IOCCO in COVID-19

    New devices used by IOCCO in COVID-19


    Given the rapid spread of COVID-19, and the consequent implementation of the containment procedures adopted by various regions and national governments, IOCCO - with the aim to guarantee his full [...]

  • IOCCO Operations

    IOCCO Operations


     May 4 th, 2020 IOCCO OPERATIONS "COVID19 “Phase Two” May 4-17th" #everythingwillbefine We are glad to announce the reopening of our doors since May 4th, in accordance with latest regulations recently shared [...]

  • The biggest De-Airing Vacuum Bag Furnace

    The biggest De-Airing Vacuum Bag Furnace


    "A new important GOAL has been reached"   The biggest De-Airing Vacuum Bag Furnace ever built is even technologically advanced   IOCCO has designed, built and installed the biggest Vacuum [...]

  • Another Vitrum has gone…

    Another Vitrum has gone…


    Every time the right location to have great meetings. [...]

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