Iocco, Cugher, Triulzi, Mappi -Industrial Partnership

Behind Project 4X4.0

Iocco, Cugher, Triulzi, Mappi -Industrial Partnership

Iocco, Cugher, Triulzi, Mappi -Industrial Partnership



Iocco, Cugher, Triulzi and Mappi are the four members in this industrial partnership

Glass technology international 5/2017

For the first time ever the world glass processing market has a single entity which can guarantee delivery of a completely automatic smart glass processing line by integrating the various areas of competence and related production chains of the four partner companies.

IOCCO, triulzi, cugher, mappi

Alessandra Petrucci, CEO of IOCCO, highlights the importance of innovation and the significance of the 4×4.0 project: “Companies that have achieved the best results in recent years are those who have quickly adopted and transposed the industry standard 4.0 by adapting production systems, applying new operating procedures, going on complex but vital routes for competitive ends.

For this reason, the industrial policy efforts today are aimed at the spread and application of innovation.
The 4×4.0 Project is born from the synthesis of a shared management vision, from the capabilities of a state-of-the-art team that can interface their technology know-how, providing customers with outstanding results in the Smart factory optics.

Nancy Mammaro, CEO of Mappi International, says: “Our innovative stand will underline the actual flexibility
which our company can provide not only for our customers but also for suppliers who are focused on the future.

glass-technology_gti017-5Barbara Mazza, General Manager of Cugher Glass, illustrates the benefits generated by the synergy of the four companies: “This project represents the entrepreneurial will to grow and structure our companies in a highly competitive international context.

We can win together by focusing on technological evolution, synergy , listening to the customer.

The benefits will be tangible: to live a full line of production in operation, from washing to tempering, to look closely at the machines and to understand the best operation and benefits.

There are many skills in a shared space: machinery, production, technology, quality, information”.

Mariella Triulzi, sales manager of Triulzi Cesare Special Equipments, SrL, commented on the impact of the initiative: “One more opportunity for the Milan Fair to showcase the uniqueness of the Made in Italy label and to demonstrate Italian competence in the field of automation of mechanical engineering.
The production line on display at the Fair will show integrated control of highly reliable industrial machinery capable of monitoring the production cycle to optimize workflow and minimize downtime”.

read news “Glass Tehnology international issue No.5-2017


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