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Glass-Technology International (GTI):

Let’s speak first of all about the company and its structure.

How many production units does Iocco have?

Iocco: The company has three units all in the same area, which facilitates company logistics activities and, at the same time, enables to guarantee adequate confidentiality to all our customers even during the construction phase of the plants commissioned.

All together, these three units cover an area of 5,200 square meters taken up by production and workshops and 1,050 square meters of offices.

GTI: Which technologies are used during design phases and what is the percentage of turnover dedicated to R&D?

Iocco: We use Catia, the best program on today’s global market for our mechanical designs.

Iocco dedicates about 30 percent to R&D, pushed by our core business which is aimed at supplying cutting edge production plants and systems.

Our products are aimed at large-sized glassworks, and our solutions are for industries looking for technical innovation that can guarantee their products for clients.

A must to be able to guarantee the precision, control and speed requested (above all for auto glass), is continuous investment

in R&D together with the long experience we gained in the glass sector.

GTI: What is the percentage of sales for exports? What are Iocco’s strong points in international sales?

Iocco: The percentage of sales for exports is nearly 100 percent.

We work in a global market environment without territorial boundaries.

The market demands the same level of automation and precision in processes in each and every corner of the planet.

For this reason, our supplies are generally installed internationally.

The quality and reliability of products and engineering are applied to the solutions provided, together with a customer care system that facilitates customers not only during each phase of the project but also after installation and start-up of the plants, are IOCCO’s strong points in international sales.

GTI: Has the company developed any particularly interesting and technologically innovative products recently?

Iocco: Our de-airing systems for the manufacture of laminated auto glass (thin and ultra-thin) with pressure control for every single pair of glass sheets, can certainly be considered among the most important processes we have developed thanks to

our experience. However, our products are almost always technologically innovative, whether they are auto glass processing  lines (extrusion, bonding accessories, control, encapsulation, etc.) or lines for flat glass (transport of DLF packages, automatic palletizing, etc.)

GTI: What is Iocco’s company philosophy?

Iocco: Giving value to individuals through emotional involvement and professional growth by transforming their experience into market value.

GTI: What is behind Iocco’s success?

Iocco: One of the characteristics of success is being dynamic in adapting solutions to respond to customers’ needs.

Our team of engineers has the preparation and experience to be able to customize machines and plants while maintaining

the objective of process functionality. Moreover, relationships maintained over the years with our historical customers confirm our quality standard and our ability to adapt to new technological needs.


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